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Season OneEdit

Immortal appearing (actor)Edit

Connor MacLeod (Christophe Lambert)

Slan Quince (Richard Moll)

Kiem Sun (Soon-Teck Oh)

Lucas Desiree (Victor Young)

Howard Crowley (John Novack)

Claude Devereux (Eli Gabay)

Felice Martins (Joan Jett)

Carl the Hermit (John Dennis Johnston)

Caleb Cole (Marc Singer)

Alexei Voshin (Stephen Macht)

Walter Reinhardt (Christoph Orht)

Marcus Korolus (John Hertzler)

Andrew Ballin (Tom Butler)

Grayson (James Horan)

Darius (Werner Stocker)

Christoph Kuyler (Peter Howitt)

Xavier St Cloud (Roland Gift)

Ursa (Christian Van Acker)

Grace Chandel (Julia Stemberger)

Carlo Sendaro (Georges Corraface)

Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen)

Zachary Blaine (Jason Isaacs)

Gabriel Piton (Nigel Terry)

Alfred Cahill (Martin Kemp)

Everett Bellian (Peter Guinness)

Hugh Fitzcairn (Roger Daltrey)

Mentioned but not appearing: Damien Thackery


Gregor Powers (Joel Wiker)

Michael Moore (Geraint Wyn Davies)

James Vincent (Adrian Hughes)

Richie Ryan (Stan Kirsch)

Annie Devlin (Sheena Easton)

Carl Robinson (Bruce A Young)

Anthony Gallen (Roddy Piper)

Thomas Sullivan (Bruce Weitz)

Mako (Jonathan Banks)

Anton Legris (Philippe Agael)

Jason Talbott (Roark Critchlow)

Michel de Bourgoyne (Franck Dubosc)

Nicholas Ward (Jeremy Brudenell )

Artur Drakov (Peter Firth)

Marcus Constantine (James Faulkner)

Nefertiri (Nia Peeples)

Rebecca Horne (Nadia Cameron)

Luther (Emile Abossolo-M'bo)

Pierre Segur (Nicholas Chagrin)

Martin Hyde (Michael Siberry)

Charles Browning (Godfrey James)

Mentioned but not shown: Henri Valjean

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