Little Deer
Little Deer
First appearance Season Three episode, Line of Fire
Last appearance Season four episode, Something Wicked
Appeared in Highlander: The Series
Name Little Deer
Died 1872
Nationality Sioux
Status Deceased, 1872, killed by Kern.
Portrayed by  Michelle Thrush
Little Deer was a Sioux woman who was once married to the Sioux warrior Mekina, with whom she had her son Kahani; Duncan MacLeod and Mekina were "friends and blood brothers".

When Mekina was killed, Duncan took it upon himself to look after the family. In the spring of 1872, Little Deer and Duncan fell in love. They were to be married and Duncan was going to adopt her son. Little Deer still wanted more children after they were married, but she never found out Duncan couldn't have children of his own. Little Deer and Kahani were murdered in a massacre of their band in 1872 by U.S. soldiers out of Fort Willoughby led by Kern, then a mercenary scout.