Lord for a day

The Jettator Volta is captured by the Hunters, and Ramirez and Quentin hatch a plan to free him. Kortan receives a challenge to fight Quentin, and he leaves Asklepios in charge. Ramirez and Quentin go to the arcade and order a large number of beers to get the Hunters drunk and draw too much water consumption. The bureaucratic forces come to close down the place, and Ramirez instigates a bar fight between the two groups. The Hunters are arrested, which infuriates Arak to the point that he sends soldiers to attack Asklepios in the Glass Organ. Two Hunters, Ramirez and Quentin in disguise, convince Arak to destroy the Glass Organ, thus shutting down power in Moganda. They free Volta and escape as Kortan comes back in furor over being stood up by MacLeod. The system is reactivated, and the escape tunnels flood, but Volta passes the knowledge of nuclear energy to Quentin, and the Quickening protects them from the water.

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