Lori Bellian
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Nowhere to Run
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Portrayed by  Marion Cotillard

A mortal woman, the adopted daughter of the immortal, Everett Bellian. Lori's mother, Lydia, died in 1989, and Bellian raised Lori. They lived in France, and he loved her like his own daughter.

In May 1993, Bellian learned that she had been raped, and he wanted revenge at any cost. Bellian went to the home country of the diplomat Allan Rothwood and met the Immortal, Duncan MacLeod whom he asked to produce the rapist, Mark Rothwood, Allan's son.

Everett Bellian was not willing to rely on courts, he wanted revenge. On Lori's word, he gathered his old fighting force, and laid siege to the country house. With great sincerity, Mark denied the charge when confronted by MacLeod. In the following battle, some of Bellian's men died and Allan was seriously injured. When again questioned by his father, after Richie informed him that Mark had admitted raping Lori, Mark took the first refuge of the rapist: "She was asking for it."

Lori, meanwhile confronted her step-father, and told him that if he were going to commit murder in her name, she wanted him to be honest about it, "This isn't about me...this isn't about love, it's about you and your damn vanity. The great warrior's ego couldn't stand it that his daughter was raped. He has to have his revenge....not love or justice, and it's not my revenge, it's yours." When he refused to leave with her, she said she'd get the police to stop him, and he had his men confine her in a shed. Richie found her, and released her, and she ran off into the fog.


Bellian and Lori in the aftermath

Meanwhile her step-father and MacLeod met and dueled. Bellian was injured, but MacLeod left him his head. At that point both Mark and Lori approached the Immortals, and Mark insisted MacLeod kill Belliane, and pulled a gun, threatening the men. Lori facing him, also pulled a gun. Bellian cried out, pleading with her not to fire, but she shot Mark dead. In the aftermath, MacLeod said the Bellians would run, hide, try to forget, but they never would.

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