Appeared in The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM
Name Lothar
Born Unknown
First Death Unknown
Origin Unknown
Watchers Unknown
Status Deceased, 1978 - Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod

Lothar was an Immortal, referenced in The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM and DVD supplements.

Background Edit

Very little is known about Lothar. He challenged Duncan MacLeod to a duel in 1978, while the latter Immortal was vacationing in Monaco. On 17 May of that year, Lothar battled MacLeod on the beach some 100 yards from Duncan's hotel, where a disco competition was taking place.

Duncan took Lothar's head, although MacLeod's Watcher, Anthony Klasky, was reprimanded by the Watcher Tribunal for being too immersed in competing in the “Mr. Disco ‘78” contest to have noticed the Highlander battling another Immortal right on his doorstep.

It was theorized by Klasky that the victory and highly-visible Quickening claimed by MacLeod, resulted in the man leaving Monaco at top speed with Desirée Racine on his motorcycle, resulting in no fewer than two police pursuits along the way.

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