Ludwig Weiss
First appearance Highlander: The Raven, in the episode Cloak and Dagger
Name Ludwig Weiss
Nationality German
Status Deceased
Occupation spy runner and assassin
Portrayed by  Marc Strange

In Cloak and Dagger, it was discovered that in the closing years of the Soviet Bloc, Bert Myers had infiltrated the East German Secret Police, the Stazi, as a double agent. His ruthlessly Machiavellian superior was Ludwig Weiss. He trained Myers and eventually came to view him as his protégé. At one point Weiss gifted Myers with a gold cigarette case.

He always taught his people to plan for "contingency upon contingency." 

When Weiss reappeared in Myers' life in the 1990s, he tried to blackmail Bert into committing murder. Meyers was told he must assassinate a visiting Indian diplomat in order to get the files Weiss had of his cold war activities. Myers tried to circumvent the trap set for him, by breaking into Weiss' quarters in order to steal the file. He wound up with Weiss' shotgun pointed at his head, they both fired, and Weiss died.

Eventually, Amanda managed to steal the file Weiss had on Myers and turned it over to him.

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