Lynn Horton
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode The Watchers
Name Lynn Horton
Nationality American
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Kehli O'Byrne

Lynn is the daughter of Catherine Dawson Horton and her husband, James Horton, a Watcher turned Hunter.  She is the niece of Joe Dawson, Duncan MacLeod's Watcher.  She was engaged to Robert Tucker, a probationary Watcher who had been recruited by Horton.  When Robert expressed doubt about Horton's view of immortals after MacLeod refused to kill him when he had a chance, and said he was done with Horton;  Horton murdered him.


Lynn Horton and her fiance Robert

Lynn had no idea what her father had become, she got between MacLeod and her father when MacLeod traced Dawson to their apartment. She turned up at the confrontation between MacLeod and her father at the wharf and begged MacLeod for his life.  When MacLeod acquiesced and walked away, Horton picked up a gun and shot him in the back.  Lynn grabbed his arm and tried to stop him.  He knocked her aside and shot MacLeod once more before being run through.  Crying over her father, she asked the mortally wounded MacLeod: why? When MacLeod recovered, she, her father, and Dawson were gone.


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