Maia Koto
First appearance The Samurai
Name Maia Koto
Born Japan
Status Deceased
Portrayed by  Tamlyn Tomita

The daughter of Hideo Koto.  She disapproved of and disliked Duncan MacLeod as a gaijin and a danger. When she interrupted MacLeod's bath, she told him he smelled, and tried to have the servants wash him in the Japanese fashion.  He chased them out.

At supper, he tried to make conversation, and she informed him that she would serve him as her father wished, but that she did not have to talk to him. She told him he could not possibly understand because he was a barbarian.

She was later instructed by her father to honor MacLeod with the Tea Ceremony. She obeyed reluctantly. When MacLeod asked why she hated him, she asked if where he came from a friend and enemy was the same. He responded that a friend was someone who would die for you.  "Then my father is a great friend, because he has given his life for you."  She explained that by not killing MacLeod, the foreigner, he had disobeyed his shogun, the punishment for which was death.  That if MacLeod had not interfered, her father would have died an honorable death in battle.

After her father's ritual suicide, MacLeod told her that if any Koto descendants ever needed him, they need only present the spyglass he had given her father and ask.