The episode opens on a baseball stadium. Several players are warming up on the field. Carl Robinson walks through the seats to the field, trailed by some kids. Carl is talking on a cellphone, telling whoever it is that he'd "better get 20 million or by the time spring training ends I'm gonna be playing for Steinbrenner." He gets off the phone and starts signing baseballs for a couple of waiting fans. Carl remarks "Hey, this looks like the one Griffey hit off me last year. Who're you guys rooting for anyway?"

As he's signing, Trey Franks (who I presume to be the pitching coach) comes up and tells Carl he was looking good, then starts to point out what he was doing wrong. He tells Carl he's too arrogant to listen to him, and at that moment Carl senses another immortal, Myron Corman, who we then see walk up on the roof over the seats. Franks is still trying to coach him, but Carl says he has to take care of something and leaves, leaving Franks to grumble about that "know-it-all son-of-a-bitch." Cut to Carl coming out onto the roof. The other immortal is waiting, Carl draws and faces him, telling him he's "got the wrong place and the wrong time," but Corman doesn't listen, then his body tumbles over the edge of the roof and plummets down to the field. The fans look up from the car as the quickening starts.

Franks, coming onto the field, looks up and sees Carl on the roof, and so does everyone else. When the Quickening is over, Carl looks down. The next day, Duncan arrives at his Dojo looking at a newspaper article with the headline "Star Pitcher Hunted in Gruesome Slaying". There's a kid waiting for him who, after a brief but uninformative exchange gives him a note telling him that Carl is at a certain warehouse.  A car drives up and a man in a trench coat (Matthew McCormick) gets out.

Duncan and Carl are driving back to the dojo from the warehouse, Carl is lamenting about his lost career, and Duncan's advice to start new doesn't seem to console him. When they get to the dojo, they find it crawling with cops. As Duncan starts to back the car away, they sense another immortal and Matthew turns. Carl tells Duncan to get him out of there, and Duncan drives off with Matthew watching, doing nothing. Duncan drives to an overlook and asks Carl about Matthew. Carl tells him that Matthew is a federal agent, and that "we go back a ways. Matthew used to own me." Flashback Louisiana, 1859 Carl explaining about his life as a slave. He says his owner was a man named Seth Hobart, and that Seth's youngest daughter had gotten knocked up, and "she had to name somebody, so she said it was me." After the daughter points out Carl, Seth goes to him and starts to beat him, but Carl gets away and runs through the field with Seth in pursuit. Seth shoots him in the back and leaves him for dead, "only thing was, I couldn't die."

Carl says he ran for days, but he was still a slave and he soon ran into two men who caught him. They were taking him to sell him or get the reward, when Carl felt for the first time the presence of another immortal. As the immortal rode nearer, Carl saw that it was Matthew, who he knew because he was married to Seth's oldest daughter. Matthew buys Carl from the two men at double the price. Carl pleads with Matthew not to take him back, tries to explain what happen. Matthew says nothing, just turns and then whips out his sword. Carl falls on his knees, and as Matthew swings he flings up his chained hands to fend off the blow. But instead of hitting him, Matthew slices neatly through the chains.  Duncan asks why Matthew wants to kill him now, when he could have taken his head back then, and Carl says it doesn't matter. They find Joe Dawson sitting on the stage, Duncan leaves Carl with Joe, intending to go back to the dojo and talk to Matthew. Carl warns him that Matthew is good, that he taught Carl things that he's still working on.

Duncan comes back to the dojo to find Matthew . "Matthew McCormick, I presume." They talk about Carl, and Duncan tells him that he knows it wasn't murder, that it was a fight between two immortals. "He had no choice." But Mathew's tone becomes hostile when he makes it clear that Carl must pay for his crime. 

In another flashback Carl and Matthew are talking, discussing the Civil War that will break out. Matthew says he wishes they had more time, but it's probably best for Carl to leave. Carl agrees, but says he'll miss the South, somehow. Matthew says it won't "be a whole lot easier out there." Matthew looks uncomfortable, gets up walks to the edge of the porch. He suggest the Carl head north, for Chicago, and Carl says he will, but he has a few things to take care of.  Mathew tells him to stay away from Seth. Matthew says Carl is immortal now, it's time to put away mortal concerns. He reminds Carl that he also taught him about forgiveness, "the power that breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness, and decency is something else you gotta learn." Carl asks if he is defending him, Mathew reminds him that he is married to one of his daughter and that if he harms Seth, he will kill him. Carl says he hears him, and leaves. Carl goes back to the farm and confronts Seth and shoots him. The shot brings Seth's son and gets shot in his turn. "No more," says Carl. He throws the gun down while looking at the two bodies while Seth's slaves look on with horror.

Later at Joe's, Duncan asks Carl if he killed those men. Carl unrepentantly replies "Damn right I did!"


The character of Mathew McCornick was specifically written for actor Eric McCormack based on his character from the Lonesome Dove TV series. The producers wanted to make a spin-off show based on Mathew's character where he travels across the US investigating crimes while at the same time killing Immortals. the characters of Cedirwyn and Cory Raines were to appear as recurring characters.

Trey Frank's uniform has the number 42. That's was Jackie Robinson's uniform number.

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