Manny Rieta
Manny Rieta
Appeared in Highlander: Endgame
Name Manny Rieta
Born 1944, Hawaii
First Death 1965, Killed with his platoon in Vietnam
Teachers Jacob Kell
Origin American
Watchers Andy Sloane
Status Deceased, beheaded by Jacob Kell 2004
Occupation None
Portrayed by  Vernon Rieta

Manny Rieta was born in Hawai'i in 1944. He became a soldier, and in the 1960s he was send to Vietnam, where his entire platoon was killed. Rieta revived as an Immortal, and was later found by Jacob Kell. Kell took Rieta into his gang of Immortals, he didn't care about The Game or the rules, and used Rieta and the others to hunt down and wound Immortals so he could take their heads with ease.


In 2002, Rieta and the others attacked the Sanctuary, a place were Immortals could escape from The Game. Kell killed all his inhabitants except Connor MacLeod.

Some time later, they attacked Duncan MacLeod at Connor's former antique store. Rieta fought against Duncan together with Carlos Dash, Winston Erhuero and Cracker Bob. Even with the advantage of four against one, they could not manage to defeat Duncan.

Jin Ke arrived, and fought with MacLeod. Rieta and the rest of the group retreated. Kell broke off the fight, but Duncan was then shot by Carlos, and fell out the building. Kell beheaded Carlos in anger, and they left.

Eventually,  Kell gathered all of his followers for a last supper, Kell took two swords and beheaded Rieta and the others.