Marco Becker
Marco Becker
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode Passion Play
Name Marco Becker
Born Unknown, prior to 1863
First Death Unknown, prior to 1863
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Wilson Geary 1963
Occupation Actor and poet
Portrayed by  Kirby Morrow

Marco Becker was a poet and an actor. Amanda rememberd him as talented and likable, but also as stubborn, and she made ​​fun of his snoring. According to Amanda, a little before 1863 Marco had a relationship with her.They both enjoyed their time in Paris. Amanda and Marco saw one another for the last time in St. Tropez - at an nudist beach.

Marco traveled to Chicago in 1963, with his mortal wife, Lucy. They appeared in a play he wrote called Timeless which was received with great enthusiasm as were the stars, Marco and his wife, Lucy. His old friend Amanda appeared at one performance, and the pair reunited after the show, happily recalling old times. Lucy was confused by the lovely Amanda and a bit hurt by Marcos' response to her.  Lucy remained behind when Marco left the bar, and was targeted by another man with ulterior motives.


Marco & Lucy on stage, 1963

Marco later received a call from Wilson Geary, an Immortal he knew but did not like. Geary told him that Lucy was dead. When the enraged Marco stormed into his apartment, he was stunned to find Lucy alive. His surprised hesitation was enough to allow Geary to drop on him from ambush and take his head without a fight, right in front of the horrified young Lucy.

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