Marco Mastina
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode The Immortal Cimoli
Name Marco Mastina
Nationality Italian
Status Alive
Occupation Ringmaster
Portrayed by  Roger Lumont
A mortal, Marco was the ringmaster for the mid-level traveling Moreno Bormann Circus.

Marco and Amanda

He was well acquainted with Amanda, and also knew Duncan MacLeod

He employed the Immortal Cimoli, surprised that even an old hand like himself could not figure out how Danny pulled off his 'Immortal' act.

The young magician was shot daily, and Marco pulled the trigger for each performance of Danny Cimoli's Immortal act, only to have the young man stand up after his 'death' as if he had been untouched.  Marco admitted he was without a clue as to how Danny worked the gag.

He invited Amanda to travel with the circus on a proposed tour of Russia.

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