Marcus Aedilies
Marcus Aedilies
Appeared in Mentioned in Highlander: The Series episode Indiscretions
Name Marcus Aedilies
Born 168 B.C. Bythinia
First Death 131 B.C. Trampled in a crowd
Teachers Carpus Cornelianus
Origin Roman
Watchers Octavius Sagitta
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Athanasius A.D. 176
Occupation Tax collector

Marcus Aedilies  was only ever mentioned briefly in Highlander: The Series, during the first of the finale episodes, To Be, when Methos was hanging out with Joe after hours at his bar, and correcting errors in the Chronicle he claimed to have witnessed: "Hey, you ask, I tell you."

Personal HistoryEdit

Aedilies was born in Rome 168 B.C. He worked as an tax collector. He died his first death in 131 B.C. when he was trampled in a crowd.

Aedilies was remembered as a coward and weakling in battle. In his profession he was greedy and dishonest. In the year 74 B.C. he beheaded Titus Marconus in in a surprise victory. Methos voiced disappointment in the result as he'd had 'a tidy sum' wagered on Marconus.

In the year AD 176 he encountered the Immortal Athanasius, in Rome, and was not so lucky. He lost his head.


  • As his killer the CD-ROM mentions an Immortal called "Athanasius"

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