Margaret O'Connell
Appeared in Highlander: Scotland the Brave
Name Margaret O'Connell
Aliases Mattie
Year Joined 1993
Immortals Observed Annie Devlin (1993-1996)
Nationality Irish
Status Alive
Occupation Watcher
Portrayed by  N/A - Margaret O'Connell never appears on screen

Margaret O'Connell is a mortal and a Watcher, referenced in the novel Highlander: Scotland the Brave.

Biography Edit

Prior to becoming a Watcher, Margaret "Mattie" O'Connell was married to another man, who passed away at some point either prior to, or during, 1990. In that same year, she encountered the Immortal, Hugh O'Neill, a former Irish terrorist-turned-peacemaker, some six months after her husband's death, and the two began a relationship. O'Neill trusted her enough to share the secret of his immortality with her, drawing her into the world of the Immortals.

Three years later, however, O'Neill, was challenged by another Immortal to a duel. O'Neill lost his head and Quickening to Chang.

Afterward O'Neill's death, O'Connell was recruited by the Watcher organization because of her knowledge of the Immortals. Her first assignment would be O'Neill's former student, Annie Devlin,  who would lose her head to Duncan MacLeod in 1996.

It is not known whom her subsequent Immortal assignments were.