Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 6 episode "Black Tower"
Status Deceased - murdered by Devon Merek
Occupation Assassin
Portrayed by  Rochelle Redfield

Margo was a mortal woman and professional killer. She was hired to play the cats paw and pick up Duncan MacLeod. The pair attended an opera together, and when they returned to his barge at the end of the evening, she was apparently abducted; all in a ploy to get MacLeod to ride to her rescue. When he discovered where she had been taken, he found himself involved in a deadly cat and mouse game designed by an old enemy, Devon Marek.

MacLeod freed her from her bonds and she helped him strip wire in an effort to take out hired killers who were stalking them, but when MacLeod finally attained Marek's control room, he was stunned to find the person who then shot him in the back was Margo. "Sorry Duncan, but a girl's gotta pay the bills." MacLeod used his last strength to throw himself out a window, falling a dozen floors to the lobby.

Margo told Marek that MacLeod was dead and she wanted her money. Marek responded by throwing her out the same window, where upon she fell to her death.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Rochelle Redfield is another actor that visited the Highlander universe more than once, she also portrayed attorney, Lauren Wolfe in the Highlander: the Raven episode The Ex-Files.

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