Marie Guilliard
Appeared in Highlander: The Series novel Highlander (Shadow of Obsession)
Name Marie Guilliard
Marie Guilliard was an immortal taken in by Darius. In 1816 she lived with her ​​husband, Hubert, a former soldier, on a property south of Paris. Hubert was mortal, but he knew Marie's secret.

In the middle of 1816, Darius sent them his protégé to Violane Armand.  Violane was only 18 years old, two of which she had lived as immortal. Hubert taught Violane the sword, what Darius did not have to teach her​​. Marie went to Darius during this time and often spoke of Violanes progress.

But one day, after about two years, Violane stole  Marie and Hubert savings and burned with a worker from a neighboring farm. Marie and Hubert had loved her like a daughter, but she had fled, there was no trace of Violane.       

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