Mark Roszca
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode The Darkness and the Season Four episode Leader Of The Pack
Name Mark Roszca
Born November 6, 1973 in Seacouver, Washington
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation former heroin addict, restaurant employee
Portrayed by  Travis MacDonald
Mark Roszca, a young man and former heroin addict who had a lot of problems. Mark's drug problem got worse as time went by, it wasn't until 1994 when his addiction caused him to mug two people: Tessa Noël and Richie Ryan. Mark was high, and when Tessa and Richie gave them everything they had Mark thought they were holding out because Tessa had no purse, and he shot them both, killing them and triggering Richie's immortality.

Roszca mugging Richie and Tessa at gunpoint

Years later,  Mark got clean, got a girl, and was about to become a father when he was spotted on the street by his victim, Richie, who remembered his and Tessa's murder "like it was yesterday."   He chased Roszca down but, the other had no memory of having killed someone. They were both taken in by the police, but as the report on Tessa's death stated there were no witnesses the police discount Richie's story largely because Roszca had no priors, and Richie's juvenile record was fairly substantial.  No charges against either man were filed, though the police encouraged Roszca to file against Richie.

Days later, Richie caught up to Mark where he work, as he took garbage out to a Dumpster.  In the alley, Richie once again confronted Roszca, who climbed the fire escape to get away, saying he never killed anyone. Richie pursued and caught Roszca and tried to force him to admit his crime, describing in detail how he had looked the night Tessa died.  Roszca froze, recognizing the description of a jacket he had lost a year previously, he admitted he was so high back then that he didn't remember half of what he'd done and realized Richie was right, he had killed Tessa, "I did it. I killed her. Oh, man I'm so sorry."  Richie dangled the other man from the third floor fire escape as he pleaded, saying he was about to be married.  Richie responded with "So was she!"

In the end, Richie could not bring himself to drop the other man and hauled him back up, but Roszca now knew he was, in fact, a murderer so perhaps some justice was done. MacLeod, however, said there was no justice, just mercy.