Mark Rothwood
Highlander Mark Rothwood 3
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, episode "Nowhere to Run"
Name Mark Rothwood
Born 1970
Died 1993 - Shot by Lori Bellian
Nationality English
Status Deceased
Occupation Unknown
Portrayed by  Jason Riddington

Mark Rothwood was a mortal, the son of foreign diplomat Allan Rothwood, seen on Highlander: The Series.

Biography Edit

Born in 1970 to prominent British foreign diplomat, Allan Rothwood, Mark mostly grew up overseas feeling bereft of parental affection, not helped by the loss of his mother at a young age. As a result, Mark was given practically anything he desired by his near-absentee father, and as an adult developed a strong sense of entitlement and narcissism.

Highlander Mark Rothwood 2

Mark Rothwood attempts to shoot Colonel Everett Bellian.

In mid-May 1993, Mark and his father prepared to move back into a lavish estate in the French countryside, when, Mark forced himself upon his unwilling companion, Lori Bellian, in his car after offering her a ride.

After the incident, Lori informed her adoptive Immortal father, Col. Everett Bellian, of the rape, and Bellian laid then siege to the Rothwood estate with his private mercenary force in order to exact vengeance upon Mark.

After an intense sword-battle in the fog-enshrouded woods between Bellian and Duncan MacLeod, Mark approached the scene with a handgun, intending to shoot the colonel. Lori, however, escaping from confinement in a shed, shot Mark instead before he could hurt anyone else.

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