Martin Holecek
Appeared in The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM
Name Martin Holecek
Year Joined Prior to 1982
Immortals Observed Connor MacLeod (1985-1994)
Nationality American
Status Deceased, 1995 - Killed by Jacob Galati
Occupation Watcher previously assigned to the Connor MacLeod Chronicles
Portrayed by  Unknown

Martin Holecek is a mortal and a Watcher, referenced in The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM and DVD supplements.


Martin Holecek was the Watcher assigned to the Immortal, Israel Weiss, through 1995. As part of his cover, he owned a newspaper kiosk in the front of Weiss's house in New York.

Prior to joining the Watchers, Holecek had graduated from the State University of New York, and was then recruited by the Watcher organization. 

He attended the Watcher Academy in Geneva, Switzerland, with a final class ranking of 29th out of 101 students. His mentor during his time at the Academy was Connie Schmidt.  

His skills included that of sketch artist, trivia champion, and the languages of English, Polish, Yiddish, and basic Russian. 


In 1995, when he failed to return home, he was found by his wife, locked into his kiosk, his throat cut. His sleeve had been torn off to expose his Watcher tattoo, and the body laid out in such a way as to make the tattoo the first thing any one saw.

The New York Area Supervisor was afraid that someone was sending them a message. It later transpired that Martin was killed by Immortal, Jacob Galati.

Immortal AssignmentsEdit

His career consisted of the following assignments:

Years Watcher
1982-1983 Alicia Lassotovitch
1983-1985 Connor MacLeod
1985-1989 Helen Jamolinski
1990-1994 Christopher Vechio
1994-1995 Israel Weiss

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In the Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM and DVD supplements, a possible continuity-error is present, listing the date of Martin Holecek's Watcher Academy graduation as having taken place in 1990. However, this is very likely a mistake, given that Holecek had taken on several previous Immortal assignments going back to at least 1982.

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