Mary Deane
Appeared in Highlander: Scotland the Brave
Name Mary Deane
Nationality Irish
Status Deceased
Occupation Social Activist
Portrayed by  N/A - Mary Deane never appears onscreen

Mary Deane was a mortal, and the adoptive mother of the Immortal, Annie Devlin. She was referenced in the novel Highlander: Scotland the Brave.

Biography Edit

Mary Deane discovered the pre-Immortal foundling, Annie Devlin, in Dublin, Ireland in 1855, not long after her birth. Mary took the child in as her own daughter, and indoctrinated Annie to her own personal political viewpoints.

A member of the Ladies’ Land League, a social activist group opposed to the mistreatment of native Irish tenants by their English landlords, Mary Deane passed her attitudes towards the English onto her daughter.

In October 1881, while attending a rally in Dublin, both Mary and her adopted daughter are killed by British police -- Mary was bayoneted, and Annie shot to death. Unlike her daughter, however, Mary did not revive from her death, while Annie gained Immortality, as well as a crushing hatred of the English that she would carry for the rest of her life.