A figure in black breaks into Moganda to kill Kortan. Kortan discovers the challenger to be a cyborg.

Meanwhile, Ramirez takes Quentin to an earthquake-ridden land to find Matsuda, the cybernetics Jettator, who lost his hand to Kortan. Asklepios determines that the cyborg was made by Matsuda.

Quentin's skills are tested against a cyborg, and he uses an infared light to hide his heat signature, allowing for him to make the killing blow. Matsuda cages Ramirez and Quentin so that he can take on Kortan with an intelligent cyborg.

An earthquake gives Kortan the advantage to beat the cyborg, and allows the heroes to get free. Quentin and Kortan fight, but the quakes break the ground apart, eventually sending Kortan into a crevice. Matsuda saves Ramirez, Clyde, and Gaul in the crumbling building, so Ramirez does not take his head for breaking the Oath. Matsuda's Quickening to Quentin reduces the city to rubble.

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