Max Leiner
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Sins of the Father
Name Max Leiner
Born June 16, 1932 in Warsaw, Poland
Nationality Polish
Status Alive
Occupation Banker
Portrayed by  Dean Cook and Ian Richardson

A mortal man, who when a child in 1942, had his father gave him a list of names. He was told, "If something should happen to me, I want you to use this to restore our people."


Max as a child

He then saw his father, David Leiner, murdered in the Warsaw Ghetto, as well as witnessing the murder and revival of Immortal, Alex Raven. Alex had loved Max's father, and took the boy as her ward.

Fifty years later, Alex and Max were still working together to recover the money of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, stolen by an international bank.

When MacLeod helped them finally recover the documents they needed to trace the money, Max said the "For years I hated myself for being alive. Why was I spared?...Now I know..."    


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