Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Eye of the Beholder
Name Maya
Nationality French
Status Alive
Occupation Fashion Model
Portrayed by  Katia Douvalian

Maya was a Parisian model whom Richie Ryan befriended after meeting her in a restaurant, where she explained what he had ordered in his faulty French, and then saw again on stage at a fashion show. He told her she had stolen the spotlight.

She told him that her friend, and the real star, Cynthia Hampton, had disappeared. Not long after, Cynthia's body was discovered, but one of the pair of earrings she had been wearing was missing. Maya confided to Richie the possibility of Gabriel Piton being the murderer. Trying to help Maya, Richie attempted to investigate Piton's apartment, and was confronted by the Immortal, Piton, himself.

Fearing for his life, Richie set Piton on fire and escaped. The following day, Piton and Duncan MacLeod had a confrontation, Piton assured MacLeod he had nothing to do with Cynthia's death, and that he would do no harm to Richie.

Richie, however, fearing for Maya's life, stole a gun, and knowing Maya was at Piton's house, went to confront him. Piton called the police. Richie tried to convince Maya to tell the police about the earring, but Maya, still unsure Piton was the killer, did nothing. Realizing that Maya had tipped Richie about the earring, Piton then tried to kill her, but she defended herself.

Meanwhile, MacLeod, who had been alerted by Richie, arrived at Piton's house. He sent Maya away and challenged Piton.    

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