Mia Baptista
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Justice
Name Mia Baptista
Nationality Argentine
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Rita Ghosn

The young daughter of newspaper publisher, Armando Baptista and the adopted daughter of the immortal, Katya; Elena Moreno.

In 1997, Katya arrived at her daughter's house to find that Baptista had shot her. Elena died en route to the hospital with Katya at her side. The police had taken Baptista into custody, and he stood trial for murder.

He testified that after ten years of marriage, Elena had betrayed him with his right hand man, Ramon Castillo. He had been informed of the affair, and when he returned home in an emotional turmoil, he happened to discover Ramon and Elena together. He picked up a pistol, and shot them both before collapsing in tears. He called the ambulance himself.

The Argentine court acquitted Baptista of murder, but Katya wanted revenge, believing he got off because he was wealthy and influential, so she followed her son-in-law to Paris.

When he found he was being hunted, Baptista planned to take his beloved daughter and close up his house in Paris. But Katya pursued Baptista, and forced him into a duel. 

Mia walked in on them as Katya had her blade to Baptista's throat.  She screamed for her papa, and both antagonists told her to leave the room. Armando asked Katya to take care of his daughter, and it was not until that moment that she realized how much Mia loved him, and he her. She could not make her granddaughter an orphan, and left Baptista alive for Mia's sake.



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