Michael Honniger
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Epitaph for Tommy
Name Michael Honniger
Died 1993
Nationality American
Status Deceased, murdered
Occupation CEO Honniger Communications
Portrayed by  Ken Camroux

Honniger was the CEO of Honniger Communications consisting of three newspapers and six radio and television stations and was worth over 280 million dollars. He was also an art collector. His daughter, Suzanne, however, decided that since he was a healthy man, hadn't made a decision of his own in years, and she had little patience, she would have to hurry his demise and her inheritance and hired a hitman called Anthony Gallen.

Honniger, for his part, suspected his daughter, and hired a private investigation. His operative, Tommy Bannon was then killed by Gallen in front of Duncan MacLeod, by chance involving him in the whole plot.

Within days of Bannon's death, Suzanne arranged to drive him to the office herself, "we never get to spend time alone..." but left the car at the end of the drive on the pretext of having forgotten something. When she was away from the car, Gallen phoned Honniger on the car phone with message from his daughter: "Goodbye." Explosives in the car were then detonated, and Honniger was killed. His funeral was attended by the governor.


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