Michael Moore
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Turnabout
Name Michael Moore
Aliases Quentin Barnes
Born 1804, Cincinnati, Ohio
First Death 1839, suicide
Teachers George Walters
Origin American
Watchers N.A.
Status Deceased, beheaded by Duncan MacLeod in 1993.
Occupation Psychiatrist
Portrayed by  Geraint Wyn Davies
Michael Moore, as a child, went from an orphanage to foster parents who abused him for a long time. As a result he developed psychological problems that drove him to suicide in 1839, triggering his immortality.

In 1921, Moore became a psychiatrist and worked in a clinic in Seacouver where he made friends with Duncan MacLeod. One day he suffered a seizure, a second personality came to light: Quentin Barnes. As Quentin Barnes he was the murderer of Moore's own wife, Jeannette. Neither Duncan MacLeod or Moore's Watcher knew that Moore had a split personality.  Barnes seemed only to be a mysterious, evil immortal.

While the friendly and reserved Moore still mourned his lost love, Jeannette, Barnes killed more women. But Barnes was eventually arrested, and  in 1960 he was executed in a U.S. prison in the electric chair. He was buried in the prison cemetery.

In 1993, when a new chapel was built for the prison, a few graves were to be relocated. This allowed Moore to escape from his grave. Moore thought the time buried was nothing but bad dream, and almost instinctively looked for MacLeod to help him find Barnes.
Quentin Barnes

Possessed by Barnes

At the same time Quentin Barnes began to kill all the people who were involved in his trial and execution. He murdered a judge named Marvin Singer, and a priest named Father Morton, and a Watcher who was to bring his record to MacLeod. While Duncan was in the old sanatorium looking for Barnes, Moore was subsumed and Barnes took dominance. He attacked Tessa and Richie, but at the last moment Duncan turned up. They fought at a nearby construction site.

When Michael, with his last strength, once again gained control,  he asked MacLeod to put an end to Barnes though it meant his own death as well. Duncan saw no other solution, and finally beheaded his friend to stop Barnes.

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