A Watcher out of Detroit, Michigan, he graduated from the Watcher Academy in 1986 with a class rank of 48th out of a class of 74.

His skills included that of electrician, carpenter, bookkeeper, and the languages English and basic Polish. His cover was that of building superintendent.

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His career consisted of the following assignments:

1987 - 1990 Rodis

1990 - 1992 Dorsey Comegna

1992 - 1996 Linda Flaherty

In January 1996, he was found in the basement of his building with his throat cut. He had reported a man a few days previously, who seemed to be casing the building, and Mike assumed it was someone targeting his assignment, Linda Flaherty, who lived in the building. Watcher investigators assumed either Mike was collateral damage, discovered and silenced; or that he was the target all along. It was not until more Watcher deaths came to light, that they realized the latter was the case. Jacob Galati was later found to have been his murderer.