Mike Barrett
Immortals Observed Richie Ryan
Nationality American
Status Active
Occupation Watcher, Bartender
Portrayed by  Marc Baur

Mike Barrett was a Watcher assigned to Richie Ryan. He was also a friend and employee of Joe Dawson, working as a bartender at his tavern in Seacouver.

He appeared in the episodes They Also Serve and Courage. Though he apparently knew Richie casually from their interaction in Courage, it was never made clear if Richie knew that Mike was a Watcher, much less his own.

In They also Serve, Mike was seen dealing at one of Joe's famous poker parties with other watchers, including Joe, Maureen and Justin RussellIan Bancroft, and Rita Luce.

Deleted scenes from this episode indicated that Mike's previous assignment had been Martin Hyde, and that he looked forward to seeing the end of the man at every challenge.

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