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Mikey Bellows
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode The Innocent
Name Michael Bellow
Aliases Unknown
Born Unknown
First Death Unknown
Pupils Unknown
Origin Unknown
Status Dead (committed suicide; Quickening recieved by Richie Ryan) 1995
Occupation None
Portrayed by  Pruitt Taylor Vince
Mikey was a mentally challenged Immortal who had a savant knowledge and love for trains. Little is known about Mikey's origins; even he did not know where he was from, or when he died and became Immortal.

Personal HistoryEdit

In 1995, Mikey was living with an Immortal named Alan Wells and his mortal wife Helen at a junkyard in Greenville, Washington. When Immortal Tyler King arrived for Alan's head, Mikey and Helen hid inside an old bus. During Alan's Quickening, Mikey panicked and ran for his life, breaking Helen's neck by accident.

It was there that Mikey met Richie Ryan, who was riding his motorcycle. Offering Mikey a ride, Richie brought his new friend to Duncan MacLeod's loft in Seacouver. Unsure what to do with Mikey, Duncan reluctantly agreed to board him temporarily. Unfortunately, King, now aware of Mikey's existence, soon traced his new prey to Duncan. MacLeod stood in defense of his charge, but the sound of combat caused Mikey to panic once again. Fleeing for his life, Mikey caused an accident, resulting in his arrest when he attacked an officer arriving on-scene.

Reluctantly, Richie realized that he was insufficient to the task of caring for Mikey. Preparing a place for the handicapped Immortal with social workers at St. Simon's, Duncan and Richie prepared one special treat along the way. On the way to St. Simon's, Mikey was able to see to the Stanley Park Junction in nearby Vancouver, home of the Coast Starlight. It was a moment broken by the arrival of Tyler King, and then the police. Duncan fought King to a standstill, taking the evil Immortal's head. The police wanted Mikey again, this time for the alleged murder of Alan and Helen. When they tried to arrest him, Mikey fought back, inadvertently killing an officer. Realizing there was no future for Mikey now, Richie knew what he had to do. However, in a surprising burst of lucidity, Mikey stayed his hand. Pressing his neck to the side of a train track, the gentle giant gave up his life to an oncoming train, leaving Richie to accept his Quickening.


Mikey suffered from severe mental retardation, having only the intellect of a child. He also demonstrated savantic tendencies, possibly resulting from low-functioning autism.          

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