Molly Ivers
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Diplomatic Immunity
Name Molly Ivers
Born May 21, 1946 in Penzance, Cornwall UK
Died 1998, in Paris, France
Nationality English
Status Deceased, murdered by Steve Banner
Occupation Con Artist, pickpocket
Portrayed by  Paula Jane Ulrich and Anita Dobson
Molly Ivers was a mortal woman from Britain. She was married to the immortal, Willie Kingsley, whom she met when she tried to pick his pocket. Willie fell hard for her, and told her of his immortality. She and Willie worked out a con where Willie would step in front of expensive cars and be killed, and she would rush out to make a scene, demanding police and press, in order to induce the driver to pay hush money to her.
Molly Ivers

Molly Ivers, 1969

They were a couple made for each other, and were happy together for 29 years, taking great joy in every con, every coin won and every consequence avoided. They were flush one day in Paris, with a stake which including a substantial loan from old friend, Duncan MacLeod. When Willie spotted a likely car to target, Molly told him no, that she just wanted to head to the Riviera, they didn't need another, but after a volley of flattery from Willie, she agreed to one last con, and Willie stepped out in front of the car.

Molly went into her act, but the driver, Steven Banner, a stoned diplomat's son, noticed there were no witnesses about, and when she mentioned the police, he picked up a paving stone from a nearby construction site, and battered Molly to death. When Willie awoke, Molly's body was draped over him. Frantic, he tried to wake her, but when it became clear she was dead, he held her, weeping. 
B5 Highlander 6 4

Willie and his wife, Molly Ivers in 1998.

He called the years he had with Molly "...the best years of this rotten scoundrel's life."  


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