Morgan Kenworthy
Morgan Kenworthy
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode Bloodlines
First Death 1897 Shot by a corrupt cop.
Status Deceased, Beheaded by fallen glass in 1998 Quickening lost.
Occupation Silversmith
Portrayed by  Cedric Smith

Morgan Kenworthy lived in New York at the late 19th Century. He worked as a silversmith. Around 1873, Morgan saw an orphan boy who lived begging on the streets. He took the five-year-old William as his son.

In 1897, William became the leader of a union of workers who stood up for their rights for better conditions. At a meeting, William was shot by the policeman, Russell Grady, in cold blood. Morgan tried to intervene and was also shot and died his first death. Amanda, who had an relationship with William was present when Morgan returned to life. But she had no time to explain his immortality to him t that moment.

Beside himself with rage and grief over the murder of his son, Morgan ran away from her. Amanda saw him only once again, at William Kenworthy's funeral. There, Morgan shot and killed Russel Grady to take revenge for William. Then he had to flee again.

Morgan Kenworthy, back in 1897, New York.

William's death had shattered Morgan: the death of Grady was not enough, he wanted to destroy Grady's future, just as he had destroyed William's future. So Morgan assassinated in every generation always the most successful descendants of Grady. Every murder, he announced with anonymous threatening letters. So in May 1910, he shot the police Captain, Russell Grady, Grady's son. In 1932  Morgan shot his son, the newly elected Senator, Thomas Grady, in front of City Hall.

In 1998, Morgan Kenworthy operated under the name "Morgan & Son" and was still as a silversmith. He had a shop at 2341 Elm Street West. That year, Morgan tried to kill Denise Grady, another descendant of Russell Grady.

Nick Wolfe, who was working for Bert's agency which was commissioned to protect Denise, managed to kill the assassin. As Morgan Kenworthy's body disappeared without a trace, Nick guessed that Morgan was an Immortal. Amanda tried to protect her old friend, but eventually she realized how fanatical he had become. Morgan again tried to kill Denise, but Bert Myers thwarted the attack. Shortly afterwards, Morgan caught Nick Wolfe, who had broken into his shop. He hunted him through into an empty factory hall, where an exchange of fire broke a large glass pane. Morgan was shot and fell on the ground. Then the pane of glass fell on him and beheaded him. His Quickening was lost.

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