Myron Corman
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 5 episode "Manhunt"
Name Myron Corman
Aliases Jake Wagner, Clint Mitchell
Born 1862 in Denver, Colorado
First Death 1882 Loser of a 'quick draw' competition
Teachers Sarah Mae Bristol
Origin American
Watchers Hershel Martin
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Carl Robinson 1996
Occupation Drifter
Portrayed by  Aaron Pearl
Myron Corman was an Immortal from Denver, Colorado who had a habit of picking fights. After a stand-off, he was shot and killed awaking Immortal. Over the years he became a drifter and started fights with other Immortals.

In 1996, he hunted down Carl Robinson, an Immortal who played baseball in the Minor Leagues. Corman challenged Robinson after he had finished signing autographs. He felt that he could beat Carl because, as he put it, "You have trouble with lefties" and Corman was left handed.

Robinson took his head and his Quickening on the roof of the ballpark grandstand, unfortunately it was broad daylight, and several witnesses saw Robinson standing over the body,which led to his being wanted for murder.

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