Myron Klein
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Bad Day In Building A
Name Myron Klein
Nationality American
Status unknown
Occupation Defense Attorney
Portrayed by  Gary Jones

Myron Klein and his client, Slade

Myron Klein was a defense attorney, who represented the murderer Bryan Slade. The trial of Bryan Sladetook place in a closed court because of the danger represented by Slade and his gang. The judge sentenced Slade to life in prison for seven counts of murder. Mryon protested and the judge told Myron to approach the bench. He told Myron that he will get 30 days if he mouths off again. After the trial, Slade managed to get free with the help of some of his gang and take over the building, killing  the officers in the building. Myron, along with Duncan MacLeod, Tessa Noël, Richie Ryan, Stanley, and a janitor were being held in the courtroom.

While the police outside were negotiating with Slade, unknown to negotiater,  Stosh Cominski, they put two snipers on the roof. Slade was angry bout it and decided to take Myron into the office and kill him in front of the security camera. Myron, begging for his life, told Slade to take the janitor instead. Slade quoted the maxim first kill all the lawyers, then smiled and said, "Take Rambo here and put him on ice." His men then removed Klein from the court room.

Myron was was last seen being taken to another room.

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