Nasir Al Deneb
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode Promises
Name Nasir al Deneb
Died 1995, killed by Hamad
Nationality unknown
Status Deceased
Occupation Government Minister
Portrayed by  Benjamin Feitelson

Nasir al Deneb was a governmental minister for Hamad, the President of a small Middle Eastern country, and the last of the old royal bloodline.

An immortal, Kassim, who was dedicated to the old royal line, was trying to have Hamad assassinated so Nasir could rule the country. At a reception in Paris, Deneb met Duncan MacLeod, who had saved Hamad's life from an earlier assassination attempt.

Hamad, Nasir Al Deneb, and Duncan MacLeod at a reception.

Duncan would later go to visit Nasir, to warn him his life was in danger, and that Hamad thought he had a role in his assassination attempt, but he would not listen to MacLeod. Later on that night, Hamad came to see Nasir, and had him thrown out the window to fall to his death.

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