Nathan Stern
Appeared in Methuselah's Gift
Name Nathan Stern
Status Deceased - Killed by Watcher Daniel Geiger
Occupation Watcher Administrator
Portrayed by  Anthony Hyde

Nathan Stern started his career as a Watcher field agent; his assignments had included Kiri Asar from 1972-1977; Steven Ligotti from 1978-1984; Ginjer Wu 1984-1990; and finally the Immortal, Luther until the latter's death at the hands of Duncan MacLeod in 1995.  Stern was then promoted to a supervisory position at the original Watcher's HQ.

It was on his watch that Watcher historian, Adam Pierson tried to steal the Methuselah Stone in order to save his terminal lover, Alexa. Amanda, also determined to steal the Stone, foiled Methos' attempt, and they had to escape, separately, without it.  When Stern ordered tighter security, Methos and

Stern shows Adam Pierson the Methuselah Stone

Amanda had to work together to obtain the Methuselah Stone.  Methos was fatally shot in the attempt, and Amanda escaped with the crystals.  Upon the recovery of the man he'd known as Pierson, Stern was horrified to find an Immortal had infiltrated the Watcher's ranks. "How can I believe a man whose whole life has been a lie? An Immortal among us, who knows us — it's our worst fear. There's only one way I can be sure of you. Give me his sword."

After Watcher, Daniel Geiger, was exposed by Amanda and MacLeod, Stern covered for Geiger and reassigned him to research. He was with Stern the night of the break in and was equally surprised to find an Immortal in Watcher's clothing among them.  It was Geiger who convinced Stern not to kill Methos, but trade him for the far more dangerous Methuselah Stone.

Geiger and Stern met Amanda to make the trade, Methos for the Stone, but when Amanda presented the Stone as her half of the bargain, Geiger shot Stern, killing him, in order to steal the Stone for himself and become Immortal.  Geiger himself was killed by Amanda a few minutes later when he attempted a double cross,  and the briefly reassembled Stone fragmented and dropped into the river below them.


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