Nerissa was an Immortal henchman of Khordas, and one of the antagonists of the novel Highlander: The Element of Fire.

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Early Life Edit

According to the novel, Nerissa was born circa 600 B.C.E., in prehistoric Scotland. Physiologically an albino, at some point not long after gaining her Immortality, Nerissa encountered the ancient Khordas, who became her first teacher, lover, and god. Such was their relationship that Khordas would "light a fire" each year for Nerissa's birthday -- in other words, setting fire to a house or ship, then rob the dying.

Later Years and Final Death Edit

In 1626, Nerissa and Khordas destroyed a trading ship belonging to David Carruthers, a close personal friend of Connor MacLeod, who swore vengeance upon the two enemy Immortals. Before justice could be exacted, however, Nerissa shot the Highlander in the chest, and then escaped with her lover.

Six years later, in 1632, Khordas and Nerissa destroyed the Scottish town of Applecross while the MacLeod cousins were training on a nearby mountain. The two Highlanders finally tracked Khordas to Rannoch Moor, and confronted him there. Duncan took Nerissa’s head and Quickening during the battle, one of his earliest, but Khordas escaped to terrorize the world further.

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