Appeared in Comics issues #10 - #11
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 2012 A.D.
Occupation High ranking member of the Eye

Nibila was an immortal of unknown age. She worked closely with former Watcher Idima Nahru largely as a blindly loyal acolyte and initate in Idima's cult like organization known as the Eye.

Nibila was Idima's right hand-man, she challenged immortals on Idima's ordres, either killing them outright or capturing them and taking them to a compound run by the Eye in Tunisia. An accomplished warrior Nibila's trump card was a specially designed collar that encase her neck from her shoulders to the base of her skull. The contraption did not seem to hamper her combat skills.

Nibila was killed by Duncan MacLeod while he, Methos, Ceirdwyn, Amanda, and Joe Dawson were escaping from the Tunisian compound.

The destruction of Nibila's collar and her subsequent death triggered a nuclear explosion that wiped out a nearby community.

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