Appeared in Highlander: The Series in the Season 3 episodes Finale: Part One and Finale: Part Two
Name Nino
Died 1995
Nationality French
Status Deceased, killed by Kalas
Occupation Serial Killer
Portrayed by  Emmanuel Karsen
A dangerous and mentally unstable killer, he was enlisted as a henchman and dogsbody by the evil immortal, Antonius Kalas

He had previously murdered Kalas in the prison garden, not knowing that Kalas would revive.  When Kalas escaped, thanks to Amanda's plot to kill him, Nino followed, stopping Amanda from killing Kalas.

He helped Kalas murder mortal and immortal alike including Auberon, Christine Salzer, and newspaper editor, Jeremy Clancy. He also recruited other henchmen for Kalas.

When Duncan MacLeod broke his arm during their confrontation at the Watcher's HQ, he was summarily murdered by Kalas, who had no further need of a damaged tool.            

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