Appeared in Highlander: The Series, mentioned in the episode The Watchers
Name Okajutin
Born 1506 Samarkand
First Death AD 1535 Trampled to death by a horse
Teachers Uv Bukhar
Status Deceased, beheaded by Richard Mosby in 1889

The Uzbek, Okajutin, suffered his first death when he was trampled to death by horses in 1535. 

In 1889, he was living under the alias, Frank Okie in Montana, and was well known as a gunslinger. On one evening, however, Okie lost a poker game and got drunk. Unfortunately for him, the young hothead, Richard Mosby, came hunting him that same night.

Okie was to drunk to out shoot the challenger and was killed by Mosby.  In a skirting of the Rules,  Mosby then beheaded Okajutin. A terminal report on his death was registered by his Watcher.  The last glass Okie used is in the collection in the Watchers director's gallery.

Note: Okajutin was only mentioned once by Joe Dawson in the episode The Watchers.

His photo and biography are from the Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM.

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