Terrorists attack Moganda in the name of Orion. Ramirez wants Quentin to learn about astronomy, so they journey to find the Jettator Cornell. They discover that Cornell is Orion, and he has challenged Kortan to a duel at a specific time and place. Ramirez is angered that Cornell has broken his oath, and is determined to kill the Jettator personally. Ramirez and Cornell fight beside a telescope, and Ramirez learns that Cornell is blind. Quentin stops the fight and informs them that Kortan is coming. Cornell gives his Quickening to Quentin and challenges Kortan as Quentin and Ramirez escape. The fight is designed to occur during an eclipse, but Cornell is now too weak to defeat even a blinded Kortan.


  • When Cornell transfers his powers to Quentin, it appears to be Quentin's sword that shatters.

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