Owen MacLeod
First appearance Highlander: The Game
Appeared in Highlander: The Game
Name Owen MacLeod
Aliases The Highlander
Born Highlands of Scotland
First Death Gladiatorial Games
Teachers Methos
Origin Celtic
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Unknown
Owen MacLeod was to be the protagonist in Highlander: The Game

Owen was an ancestor to both Connor and Duncan MacLeod.

He was captured and enslaved by Romans 2,000 years ago,  and was forced to compete as a gladiator. He suffered his first death during this period. Methos, then in Rome, became his mentor. He taught Owen about The Game.

Owen was pursued throughout his life by an nemesis. This enemy proved to be extremely powerful, one that Owen was unable to defeat. Owen learned of a magical stone, fragments of which were scattered all over the world, a concept reminiscent of the Methuselah Stone in the series episode, Methuselah's Gift.

The premise of the game was that Owen embarked upon a quest to recover these fragments and restore the stone in an attempt to gain the power to overcome his foe.


The game was announced on January 14, 2008 by way of a trailer on

It was confirmed by IGN in Dec. 2010 that the game had been officially cancelled.

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