Passion Play
Series Highlander: The Raven
Season One
Episode 10
Protagonist Amanda
Friends Nick Wolfe
Lucy Becker
Marco Becker
Enemies Wilson Geary
Set In Seacouver, WA
Flashbacks 1963
Previous Story Cloak And Dagger
Following Story The Devil You Know
Written by Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by Dennis Berry
Broadcast On November 23, 1998
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 98110-210

Plot SynopsisEdit

Why would Lucy want to kill Immortal showman Wilson Geary? And will her botched attempts lead to Amanda losing her head?




Story NotesEdit

In the episode, in 1963, Lucy appeared with her husband, Marco, in a play entitled 'Timeless.' The title is a nod to the Highlander: The Series episode Timeless which also deals with a mortal/immortal romance, in that case between Methos and Alexa Bond.


DVD & Other ReleasesEdit


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