Paul Warren
Appeared in Saving Grace
Status Deceased
Occupation Medical Researcher
Portrayed by  Bruce Myers

A mortal, he was the husband of Immortal, Grace Chandel. They met when he was twenty years old, and as he aged, and his wife did not, he became jealous. By 1993, he badgered her about wanting other men, suspecting that she was having an affair with their lab assistant. Grace assured him that it was he she loved, that it was not other men he was jealous of, but the fact that he grew old and she did not. They had been together for forty years, and he said that seemed like forever when you are twenty, but she could never understand how he felt. She replied she recognized envy, and he told her to go to hell. "I'm leaving you before you leave me. We're over." Grace could not believe he was serious, and assured him they could get over the problem, but they never had the chance.

She left the lab, and he remained to clean up glass broken during their argument. When he heard someone come in, he assumed it was Grace, and began to apologize even as he turned. When he came face to face with the intruder, he was shot by Grace's former lover, the obsessive Carlo Sendaro. Carlo then spread gasoline over the lab and the dying man, and set them on fire. He later planted the gun used to kill Paul in Grace's apartment in an attempt to frame her for his murder.

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