Paul Wilder
Paul Wilder
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Deadly Medicine
Name Paul Wilder
Born June 17, 1954 in Ithaca, New York
Died December 1, 1992, killed in fire started in a struggle with Duncan MacLeod.
Nationality American
Status Deceased
Occupation Doctor, trauma surgeon
Portrayed by  Joe Pantoliano

Paul Wilder was an emergency room physician in Seacouver.

After falling victim to a hit and run, MacLeod was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, MacLeod healed quickly, however, and managed to leave the ER, but did not escape the attention of Dr. Wilder.

Wilder tracked down and drugged Duncan, then kidnapped him, taking him back to a home lab in order to further Wilder's personal gene research on healing. Duncan escaped, but Wilder tried to recapture him, framing MacLeod after murdering an ER nurse, Barbara Madison, a former girlfriend of Wilder's, who was beginning to ask too many questions about about irregularities in the ER.

Meanwhile, once the name MacLeod caught her attention, and Randi McFarland tracked down the ER doctor to question him about his missing patient. After she tracked the doctor down at home, she was herself taken into his lab to serve as an involuntary test subject.

Duncan uncovered the truth about the nurse's murder, and put an end to Wilder, his research, and at the same time saved McFarland's life.


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