Pete Wilder
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Counterfeit: Part One
Nationality American
Status Deceased, 1994, killed by Horton's men
Occupation Hired by the Hunters
Portrayed by  Martin Cummins

Pete Wilder was a mortal petty criminal recruited by chief Hunter, James Horton. He was paid $10,000 to insinuate himself into Richie Ryan's life and cause dissension between him and MacLeod. Horton had Wilder's wrist burned before sending him out, as if a tattoo had been removed, telling him it was part of earning his fee. At a local fair, Wilder 'saved' Richie from a pair of men sporting Watcher tattoos and pistols. Wilder arrived on his motorcycle in time to spirit Richie away. Wilder was creased by a bullet and was treated by MacLeod who noticed the burn on his wrist, but offered him a bunk for the night, though suspicious. When Mac and Richie tracked down Richie's attackers, the tattoo on one man's wrist had been altered. MacLeod insisted that they should speak to Wilder, but Richie claimed Wilder as his friend.

MacLeod found out that Wilder had been convicted of armed robbery and broken parole and was then on the run.  He later led them back to the fair, and a caravan in which surveillance pictures of MacLeod and the barge were found.  Wilder said he'd help them since they were 'the good guys.'  

Wilder was then 'kidnapped' and when tracked down, informed MacLeod and Richie that he'd been asked about them and the barge. MacLeod told him he'd put him up in a hotel, but he and Richie were leaving town. When Wilder reported to Horton, he was given a pistol and told he was going to 'get' MacLeod, that is was time for him to be a hero again. The following morning, Wilder showed up at the barge, after checking the door, he was followed by a car. While MacLeod and Richie watched, Wilder went to the car to speak to the occupants, after a moment's conversation, a pistol appeared in the window and Wilder was gunned down. Richie ran to his aide, only to find him dead, upset he snapped at MacLeod, "You just couldn't be wrong, could you?" while Horton watched gloatingly.

Wilder was to be buried in Paris, as his mother could not afford to fly the body home. Richie attended Wilder's funeral, followed by MacLeod.  When Richie asked what he was doing there, he responded that he was paying his respects.  "A bit sooner and Pete might still be alive."          



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