Peter Hale
Peter Hale
Appeared in Mentioned in Highlander season 3 episode Song of the Executioner
Name Peter Hale
Aliases Brother Hale,
Born 1251 A.D. Aberffraw,Cymru
First Death 1283 A.D. defending Wales from Edward I's armies
Teachers Morgan Jones
Origin Welsh
Watchers Brother David
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Antonius Kalas 1658 A.D.
Occupation Monk, former hired sword
Peter Hale was an immortal born in Wales. He first died in 1283 while defending his homeland against the forces of Edward I, King of England. Over the years, he fought repeatedly against the English. In later years, he sold his sword to the service of princes and rulers on the continent.

Peter eventually tired of the killing and the violence of is life and retired to the monastary of Brother Paul a fellow immortal, who had established the sanctuary for men such as Peter, so that they might finally rest and be safe for as long as they needed. Hale also told his friend Duncan MacLeod of the place. MacLeod arrived finally at the monastary and asked immediately about Peter, only to be told he'd all ready left and was again traveling the world.  It later transpired that when Peter left the monastery in the late summer of 1658, he was confronted by one of the monks, a Brother Antonius Kalas outside off holy ground. Kalas drew on him and took his head before Peter realized he was in danger.

Peter Hale had red hair. He played a pipe, sang a lot, and had a boisterous sense of humor.

Note: Hale was not seen but only spoken of in the episode, Song of the Executioner. His picture comes from The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM.