Peter Matlin
Peter Matlin
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 3 episode "Blackmail"
Name Peter Matlin
Born 1638, Somerset, England
First Death 1671, Killed by a mob after murdering the local Vicar
Teachers Lyman Kurlow
Origin English
Watchers Michael Davis
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1994
Occupation Thief & murderer
Portrayed by  Bill Croft

Peter Matlin was first killed by a mob in 1671 after he had murdered the local vicar. Lyman Kurlow witnessed his death and released the newly immortal Matlin from his grave. This was the beginning of a 300-year partnership between two like-minded criminals.

In 1805 Kurlow and Matlin met a young English nobleman who wouldn't inherit any of his family's estate because he was the second child. Since he wanted neither the army nor the monastery, it was easy to incite him to steal the family treasure and to try his luck in the colonies. Before he could make that journey, however, he was strangled by Lyman Kurlow. Kurlow and Matlin laid him in a boat and set fire to it.

Conveniently, Johnny, a soldier who had recently returned home, stumbled by drunk and was knocked unconscious by Matlin and Kurlow. They put the farewell letters of the victim in Johnny's pocket. Matlin and Kurlow rightly assumed that Johnny would be accused of their crime.


Matlin & Kurlow in 1805

Shortly after, they came back into the city to witness the execution of Duncan MacLeod, who took responsibility for the murder in order to save his friend Johnny. Before he hanged, MacLeod spotted the immortal pair at the edge of the crowd.  With his revival, he laid in wait for them in order to challenge the murderer. He and Kurlow faced off, but the fight ended in a hedge maze with no victor. Matlin watched as Kurlow lost MacLeod in a maze.

In 1994, Matlin met Duncan MacLeod again. The encounter ended in a duel under an overpass one night. Matlin lost and was beheaded by MacLeod. An attorney, Robert Waverly, who had gone to his nearby parked car after a tryst with his mistress, saw them and recorded the fight on video,  chronicling Matlin's death and MacLeod receiving his Quickening. Waverly tried to us it to extort MacLeod, but ended up being killed by Kurlow.

Weapon Edit

Matlin's sword is a French arming sword.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Since they always traveled together, Matlin and Kurlow had the same Watcher, Michael Davis.

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