Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode Methos
Born France
Status Deceased, track accident
Occupation Team Saracen Racer
Portrayed by  Olivier Marchal

A mortal, he was a racer on Team Saracen, once the best, he was being forced out by Basil Dornin. When he complained that Dornin had run him off the track, Saracen told him "Two years ago, it would never have happened. You know, Philippe, even champions retire." Phillipe was appalled at the idea of retirement however, and asked Basil to talk to Saracen, put in a good word for him, citing the belief that they were friends, that he had taught Basil everything he knew and that he would not be on the team but for Phillipe. Basil turned his back on him.

When Richie Ryan turned up at the track, he appropriated Phillipe's bike for a audition. When Phillipe told him to get off, Sarecen stopped him, and told him he should have retired because the bike was Richie's now.

Drunk and angry, Phillipe would later confront Dornin for his actions and for trashing him to Saracen. Richie broke up the confrontation, but Phillipe would remain at the track. He took a bike and ran the circuit at top speed, losing control and wiping out. He died of the injuries he sustained.

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