Philippe D'Estaing
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode Double Jeopardy
Name Philippe D'Estaing
Died 1806, poisoned by Xavier St. Cloud
Nationality French
Status Deceased
Occupation Chateau owner
Portrayed by  Philippe Bouclet

In 1803, Philippe D'Estaing made an announcement to the family about who would control the estate. He told his adopted son, Morgan, that it would be his younger brother, Bernard, that would inherit since he was of D'Estaing blood.

Morgan believed that he should be the one since he was the oldest. Morgan's father told him he would get a monthly allowance, but Morgan was none to pleased, and stalked away. Later that night, Morgan went to his brother's bedroom and tried to smother him with a pillow.

Philippe discovered the murder attempt and stabbed Morgan to death to stop him. Morgan, however was a latenet Immortal, who revived later, in his coffin. Xavier St. Cloud, saw potential for his kind of training in the new Immortal. He introduced himself to Morgan and told him what he was. Morgan became Xavier's student, but pushed for immediate revenge against his family. Xavier told Morgan that he must be patient.

Three years passed, and Morgan and Xavier returned to the Chateau D'Estaing, the D'Estaing were about to flee encroaching troops. Xavier asked Philippe where the rest of his wealth was. After the threat of torture, Phillipe revealed all. Xavier suggested they have a drink of wine to show they are still civilized, but the wine was poisoned and the whole family died.