Pierre Bouchet
Appeared in Highlander: The Final Dimension
Name Pierre Bouchet
Teachers Unknown
Origin Gaul
Watchers Unknown
Status Deceased, 1792 - Death by guillotine; Quickening lost
Occupation Nobleman
Portrayed by  Louis Bertignac

Pierre Bouchet is an Immortal, who appeared in the film Highlander: The Final Dimension.

Biography Edit

The age and origin of Pierre Bouchet are unknown. Whether he is a Frenchman, as his name suggests, or whether this was just a pseudonym, can not be said with any degree of certainty.

In 1789, Pierre Bouchet was with his friend, Connor MacLeod, on the estate of Monsieur de Frenet in Paris, when the Revolution broke out. Events are cloudy; however, it can be assumed that MacLeod and Bouchet were the side of the revolutionaries, or at least tried to mediate in the conflict. 

Under unknown circumstances, MacLeod was subsequently arrested by Royalist troops and imprisoned in Paris. In 1794, with the approach of the execution of Connor by guillotine, Pierre, who had been drinking, decided to save Connor.

Pierre Bouchet had tired of the Immortal life, and so visited Connor in prison, knocked him out, and took his place at the execution. He was taken to the scaffold, and once there, he was beheaded by guillotine.

His Quickening was presumably lost, as no Immortal was close enough to receive it.


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